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Who Are the Hicksville Tech Squad?

The Hicksville Tech Squad is a team of students attending Hicksville High School. We want to create awareness and foster interests in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. The Squad is a group of excellent scholars who seek to excel in everything they do - including the tutelage and preparation of younger peers for the future. With their varied skills in areas of STEM, the Squad hopes they can give kids a head-start in the rapidly developing fields of STEM research - while still maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.



Develop an interest in modern technology. Many schools across the country are beginning to add robotics programs to their after school curriculum. Some major programs for after-school robotics include the FIRST Robotics Competition, Botball, and B.E.S.T. Robotics. These competitions often include aspects of business and marketing as well as engineering and design.


Why Learn Mathematics? Technology is everywhere around us, and you need mathematics to master it! Math explained in easy language, puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets and discussion. Creating interests by showing practical applications. Fun and interesting way for kids to learn about mathematics. Mastering math facts is essential for students who show an interest in STEM fields.

Programming Fun

Programming is a rapidly developing industry in the 21st century. As computers become exponentially more essential parts of jobs everywhere, kids could greatly benefit from learning how to master their functions at an early age.“

Music *W.I.P.*

With all practical and logical exploits should come a healthy balance of creative endeavours. Musical knowledge is a great skill to have, even when considering future paths in STEM.


Fun creative workshops. Learn about simple graphic designs, logo design challenges, etc.


Learn about lighting, composition. Simple tricks to take good photos. Fun and challenging assignments.

Our Organization

The Hicksville Tech Squad is a group associated with the Hicksville Public Library in
the education of children who may one day seek career paths in STEM fields.

We hope that through our program, children will be exposed to helpful skills that will only benefit their future choices.

  • Students will interact with others.
  • Students will learn math and science skills.
  • Students can have a fun yearly activity.
  • Parents can join in or watch their kids work.
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Our Squad Members

Meet the enthusiastic High Schoolers who made this possible.

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Navneet Lingala - Founder

12th grade

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Priyansh Raval

12th grade

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Adithya Ajith - Co-Founder

12th grade

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Amith Anugu

12th grade

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Avik Gomes

12th grade

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Adil Ansari


The projects

The Tech Squad aims to have plenty of fun and educational workshops aimed at kids to help them understand fundamental concepts of maths and sciences.

We'll set up these projects with tools like 3D printing, worksheets, models, diagrams, and we'll cover the costs.


"You learn lots while having fun! I look forward to every class!"

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